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AUSTIN, TX — Fall finally arrived in Austin (always a month late, it seems) and with it an update (always a bit more than a month late, it seems). David joyfully remains on hiatus from touring with the impending arrival of his third child (a bambina) early next year and the continued growth of his Austin-based music and production work with Blueroot and All Saints. You may find him upfront every week at All Saints, producing a house concert series at Hill House (now in it’s 4th year!), playing private events, fundraisers, and even the odd concert on occasion, but he’s enjoying spending more of his time behind the scenes and is especially excited to be in the final phases of Blueroot’s latest production for singer-songwriter, Deborah Vanicek.

Along with Boo MacLeod, and George Reiff (producer (Band of Heathen’s latest release, Sunday Morning Record), engineer, and bassist for Courtyard Hounds, among others), David is at work finishing the mixing and readying Deborah’s album for an early 2014 release.

This website is also being readied for a good scrubbin’ to better reflect David and Blueroot’s work these days; so visit back in the coming months for something completely different (or, at least, different and cleaner behind the ears). Stay tuned…

Fall Update - A New Michael Jarrett Release and Upcoming Project

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David’s pleased as punch to announce the release of “Monumental,” a new album by his good friend and one of his favorite songwriters, the skinny gypsy himself, Michael Thorne Jarrett. Pure poetic americana bliss, and David and Blueroot were honored to get to help with its production.

David and Blueroot are also excited to be hard at work on a new project by another tremendous songwriter, Deborah Vanicek, who also happens to be David’s older sister! More info to come…

All Saints Hymns: Singing Stones | Blueroot’s Latest Release

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The latest release from Blueroot Music

Singing Stones update! David’s honored that All Saints Hymns’ version of “Be Thou My Vision” has been included in Cardiphonia’s Hymns for the Ascension compilation. David joins musicians from all over the world in contributing new and reimagined work to a project that seeks to explore neglected themes in worship music.

David, Blueroot Music, and All Saints Austin, PCA are pleased to announce the release of All Saints Hymns: Singing Stones, an album of worship music performed by David and a team of talented All Saints musicians. David also co-produced the record with his longtime producing partner and engineer, Boo Macleod, in association with David’s label and production company, Blueroot Music. Be inspired and encouraged in faith by americana and folk-style arrangements of well-known songs, such as “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow,” and many others. Listen to the whole album and order a copy HERE!

Fall Update and New Release from Blueroot Coming Soon…

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Welcome to DavidLutesMusic.com, the place for the latest in the David/Blueroot Music world!

David's back in the studio

While still on an extended hiatus from touring with a growing family, David has shifted his energies further into songwriting and publishing (Attention: Artists and Publishers. Cutting a record? Pitching songs? We’d love to talk about what’s cooking in David’s growing song catalog! Click HERE to contact us.) and put his producer’s hat back on, guiding the production of All Saints Hymns: Singing Stones, which is due to be released in the coming month. Watch this space for news about the release, and visit the All Saints website for more information about all things All Saints.

David continues to run Austin’s Hill House Acoustic Concert Series, an intimate evening of acoustic music in the gorgeous parlor of Hill House, an historic home and study center located near The University of Texas campus. Past “listening-room” concerts have featured an array of acclaimed local and international artists, including: Canada’s Rob Lutes, Boston’s Jake Armerding/Fretful Porcupine, TX Singer-Songwriter of the Year, Connie Mims, Austin’s Dennis Welch, Germany-based Tess Wiley (Six Pence None the Richer), Michael Thorne Jarrett (also returning on Friday, Oct. 28th), and the UK’s James David Smith. Upcoming Fall shows include the Austin debut of North Carolina, Dove-award winner, Christa Wells on Friday, November 18th. Email dlutes [at] allsaintsaustin [dot] org for more information.

David’s and Blueroot’s prior releases are widely available thru our online and digital retailers. Click on an album below to purchase. If you’re in Austin, please go local! David’s exclusive Austin retailer is Waterloo Records. Big Top and Lightning Wheels can both be found in store there. David’s albums can also be found on most online music download sites, like iTunes, including those listed under STORE LINKS on the right-hand sidebar.

Big Top Solo Stages

Support a great Texas Music retailer by purchasing all 3 of David’s releases, including his limited release, live album, Solo Stages, at MyTexasMusic!

Spring Update & Two Unique Concerts

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Live on KGSR with James David Smith

Live on KGSR with James David Smith

Austin’s best season is upon us, and all is blooming out here in the Hill Country, as I pop open the window, pop a Zyrtec, reflect on the upcoming year, and prepare for 2 special shows this coming weekend - which are two of just a handful that I’ll be playing over the rest of the year, as our family gets ready to grow.

First off, it was an honor and pleasure to get to play out at The Bugle Boy (one of the very best listening rooms in the country - check it out) again a couple of weeks ago and judge their up-and-coming artist showcase competition.  The wealth of talent in this state continued to amaze me, and it’s a boon for TX music that a legendary place like The Bugle Boy is encouraging up-and-comers in such a dedicated way. Austin/Houston/SA friends, please support this one-of-a-kind venue!

Now, the shows:  I’m teaming up with Greg and MaryJane Grooms at Hill House again to kick off a new season of house concerts in their historic home/study center in West Campus, beginning with an international “in-the round” this Friday, March 25. I’ll be welcoming back my good friend, UK musician, James David Smith, who’ll be accompanying me, and the night will feature Germany-based, American singer-songwriter, Tess Wiley (Six Pence None the Richer) & Austin singer-songwriter, Dennis Welch. A snack & wine reception begins at 7PM, followed by the concert. We’re already SOLD OUT of seats for the evening, but if you’re interested, standing room and porch seating is available; so let me know.

I’ll also be hosting 2 more concerts at Hill House this Spring: Friday, 4/29 - Jake Armerding from Boston and Saturday, 5/21 - Michael Thorne Jarrett debuts!

Then, this Saturday, James and I will hit the road for my 3rd appearance at In The Music Room in Waxahachie, one of the best listening rooms around. Dennis Welch will open, and it will be a memorable night of acoustic music in Randy Tredway’s 40-seat studio. Click the link above for more information and to RSVP, if you’re in the DFW-area and  interested in joining us.

As I wrap up work on the new worship/gospel album mentioned below and prepare for the biggest event of our year (and one of the biggest of our lives), the birth of our son, I’m pulling way back on playing and will be off the road for awhile. Being dad of 2 and husband, continuing my other music work, including exciting opportunities for songwriting/publishing, and digging deeper into a blessed life in the Hill Country will be keeping me plenty busy. But please keep telling your friends about the music and check back here often for updates. I’ll look forward to picking things back up when the time is right and seeing you all out there again!

December Update: David in the Studio…Big Top On Sale…Solo Show Online!

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After a successful tour through the UK and a busy November around TX, David’s off the road and stage through the New Year to finish an album of self-arranged gospel and worship songs for his Austin church, All Saints, which he’s co-producing with his longtime producer, Boo Macleod.

In other news: For the discerning music enthusiasts in your family (and  just in time for the holidays), you can purchase the award-winning Big Top and David’s other releases on sale for a limited time at MyTexasMusic.com

David’s also pleased to announce that his first In The Music Room solo acoustic show (9/2010)  has been mixed and posted online for your listening pleasure HERE. Thanks to Randy Tredway and family for their support and hard work in bringing David’s music to an even wider audience in the DFW area.

David’s 2011 show and tour updates will be coming soon…

Fall Update: Musings, Shows, Tour, and Reviews

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Moonlight on the Mountain, Birmingham, AL - June 2010

AUSTIN, TX - It’s funny - I’ve been out of school for quite awhile now, but every time September rolls around, I realize how very much I’m still affected by the ebb and flow of semesters and breaks.

Though my summer “break” began with a great tour through the East Coast, it culminated into a great effort to simply slow down, take inventory, spend time with family, and focus on my other musical jobs and projects that had been wanting attention. Now, fall approaches, and my daughter is now the one who’s in school (albeit of the nursery variety), but, like clock-work, I feel the need to get moving, to update, to polish the summer grit of my guitar, and to lean into what’s coming. I may even buy a new backpack. You may feel the same way. I guess the school cycle resonates simply because it reflects how we’re made - to work and to rest - and that semesters and breaks and seasons call for different balances of both. Here’s to the balancing act…

Touring, though certainly hard work, can sometimes, at least, feel like a nice balance - and so I’m looking forward to hitting the road (or air) in a few weeks for my 6th UK tour. The wind begins to change, and, Poppins-like, I head for Old Blighty, as they say. But first, a couple of nice solo “send-off” shows:


All Saints Presbyterian Church and Hill House are teaming up to host a monthly series of Friday house concerts this fall in the intimate, historic Hill House in West Campus. In my last show before the UK, I’ll kickoff the series joined by friend, author, and highly-regarded songwriter and story-teller, Dennis Welch, on Friday, September 17th at 8pm. A wine reception begins at 7:30pm, followed by the concert. Limited seating available; so please reply to this email indicating that you’d like to come and how many will be in your group.


Dallas area friends, please join me for the highly-regarded dinner and house concert, “In the Music Room”, next Saturday in Waxahachie! 6:30pm potluck dinner, 7:30pm opener, 8:30pm show. Click HERE for a pdf poster with full details and directions. Limited seating; so I’d advise making a reservation.


9/24-10/13:  BIG TOP UK TOUR (see SHOWS page for confirmed dates)

Thursday, 11/4: Anderson Fair, Houston, TX - Hosted by TX folk legend, Ken Gaines

Friday, 11/5: The Bugle Boy, La Grange, TX - I’ll be performing a short solo set and then judging their famed Friday showcases.




I’ve been honored this year to not only receive a Texas Music Award for Big Top but also to receive continuing encouraging words from music writers and fans, alike, regarding the album. The following were published just recently. If you like what you read, consider buying a copy through my online store…

“A soulful acoustic singer-songwriter, Lutes was recently in the UK - he hails from North America - giving a live version of this set. His soaring, yearning voice is complemented on this set by a great backing band and intelligent lyrics. The catchy, atmospheric ‘Be Reasonable’ - ‘my drug of choice was Hank Williams tunes’ - and the melodic ‘Love In The Hard Times’ are my own personal faves but all 15 cuts here cut pretty deep. They come complete with a lush, fold-out sleeve and a 20 page lyric booklet. Quality stuff. 8/10″

- Phil Strongman, Hot Gossip UK

Click HERE for a recent Fan Review on Amazon. Thanks to Casey Pons, Portland, OR



(If you’ve read this far, marked your calendar, entertained my musings, and purchased 10 copies of Big Top, I thank you. Points are being tallied…)

Sometimes, thank God, simple things like “balance” just grab hold. That’s probably why I write songs - I need constant reminding (preferably in rhyme) not forget the simple things.

As always, stop back by for the very latest. And, feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts, too…the simpler, the better.

Thanks for your continued support,




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Photo courtesy of The Marshall News Messenger

Photo courtesy of The Marshall News Messenger

Chatting about fly fishing in Colorado with Michael Martin Murphy would have been enough. Hearing BJ Thomas talk about my song would have been plenty. Just being there was an honor. But those thrills were only a prelude to my utter astonishment at receiving this amazing Texas Music Award, chosen by the Academy of Texas Music for only one TX artist:

The Founders Award for Artistic Excellence, recognizing last year’s release Big Top: Vol. 1 & 2.
“The founders of the Texas Music Awards bestow awards in various categories each year based on criteria outside the traditional voting process. Our deserving Academy member this year is DAVID LUTES for his amazing release, BIG TOP. Please join us in congratulating David … this is a project worthy of your attention!
- The Academy of Texas Music (Official TMA Program Notes)

Wow. I still can’t believe it. I need to talk this out. Here’s a better version of my acceptance speech…Thanks to the Academy, and thank you all for your support, encouragement, thoughts, and prayers throughout the years. You all have sustained my career and helped make this happen. AND special thanks to my friends and Big Top cohorts: co-producer, Boo Macleod; art director, Jon Patillo; percussion/drummer/mixing genius, Dony Wynn; and musicians - Tom Benton, Brady Muckleroy, Lloyd Maines, Rich Bowden, Kullen Fuchs, Manny Yanes, Whit Williams, Larry Schooler, David Breeding, and the lovely, BettySoo. This simply wouldn’t have happened without your amazing talents and contributions to the album. And, finally, to God and to my wonderfully supportive family, and, especially, my wife, Carolyn, and daughter, Ruby. - thank you! Frankly, I wouldn’t be playing music at all without your unfailing love and support. I make music because I love it and know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. However, music’s made to be heard; so there are few things more affirming as a musician than to know that folks are listening and that your peers are saying, simply, “good job.”

I also got to perform with Jessica Shepherd - which was a blast and went off beautifully as the closer for the first half of the show. From The Marshall News Messenger: “The Texas Music Awards, Saturday at the Marshall Convention Center, brought performers, writers and radio personalities from across the state to honor each other and the creative force of genuine Texas music…Performances were phenomenal…including David Lutes with Jessica Shepherd, Michael Martin Murphy, the Shake Russell Trio and Blue Condition.”

david joins a legendary in-the-round this Wednesday
Join me this Wed. 5/19 at 8pm (7pm reception)! I have the honor of playing a unique “in-the-round” with some more TX music giants. Connie Mims (2009 TX Singer-Songwriter of the Year, Wheatfield), Dennis Welch (Austin songwriter and ASG boardmember), Lee Duffy (TX/Austin legend: Geezinslaw Brothers, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson), and I will be swapping songs and stories starting at 8pm at the Austin Songwriters Group headquarters at 3105 Manchaca Road, Austin TX 78704. Come early for a reception next door at 7pm with wine and munchies. $10 at the door for a full evening with some amazingly talented and heralded folks.

Austin Music Awards, SXSW, and More

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First off, a BIG THANK YOU to the many of you who took the time to vote for my song as Texas Song of the Year. I’m honored to have your support. We’ll go to the awards ceremony in May - so stay tuned! I’m also please to announce that I was chosen alongside some terrific artists as one of the top-10 Folk Performers and Roots-Rock Performers in Austin by the upcoming Austin Music Awards - thanks again for your vote!

Also, a quick thank you to those of you who came to our recent show at The Bugle Boy. It was a memorable, intimate evening, and I was inspired by the terrific reception we received. The BB has further secured itself as my very favorite venue to play. We also got a great live recording from the night. Thanks for helping bring out the best in us.


this saturday evening, 7pm

For those of you interested in enjoying SXSW but more interested in enjoying all of the FREE SXSW music that comes along with the festival, I’ve been offered a showcase spot in the Sip and Sing Acoustic Showcase at the fantastic House Wine on Josephine St just north of Barton Springs Rd this coming Saturday evening at 7pm. The weather will be great, and they’ll be hosting the showcase from the front porch of this funky, comfy house-turned-wine bar. You can enjoy the music and great wines from table seating in the front yard. Come early to secure your spot and stay for the whole evening’s lineup of acoustic artists!


this Friday evening, 8pm

Before I head back to Austin for the festival on Saturday, I’ll be playing at Main Street Crossing in Tomball this Friday with Houston native and current Austin-based singer-songwriter, Dennis Welch. The show will begin at 8pm with an opener; I’ll go on for a full solo set, and then Dennis, a great friend and tremendous songwriter, will play with his band, featuring several terrific Houston-based players, to end the night. Tickets are $10 and can be pre-ordered thru www.mainstreetcrossing.com or purchased at the door. We’re expecting a great turnout; so, if you’d like to come out, you may want to consider pre-ordering.

Main Street Crossing has quickly become as one of the best Americana venues in TX. Featuring comfortable table seating in a classy space, fine sound, a full menu, beer, wine, and coffee drinks, it promises to be a great evening out. I hope you’ll join us!

“You Belong” One of the Best 5 TX Songs of ‘09!

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Vote for "You Belong"

Vote for "You Belong"

I’m thrilled to let you all know that, for the second year in a row, a song of mine has been selected as one of the best 5 Texas songs of the year. “You Belong (In Pearls Tonight)”, which was released last year on “Big Top”, is a song that I wrote with my wife and daughter in mind, and so it continues to resonate with me and my experience as a working musician, husband, and dad very deeply. I’m humbled to have been nominated, and very grateful to those of you who submitted a nomination.

Now, with a couple of minutes and a few keystrokes, you can vote for it as “Song of the Year.” Click on the link above and follow the instructions to the voting form. You can just vote in the SONG category or fill all of it out (I’d encourage you to vote for any other TX musicians that you’re familiar with). The TMA’s broke their own record this year with over 43,000 nominations submitted; so it’s a great honor to be among the few who made it to this stage. Please also send this link far and wide to anyone who may be interested in helping the cause. Thank you for your help!