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Big Top: Vol. 1 & 2 is out, and folks are taking notice! Here are some excerpts from the 2 most recent reviews. Click the reviewer’s link to read more!

“…Like the ringmaster at the circus, Lutes separates the different performances on the two-disc Big Top allowing each to take a moment in the spotlight…Moving from haunting (the opener “Lucia’s Song”) to roots rock (”Love in the Hard Times”), Lutes meticulously weaves melodies together…[while] the second volume can be equated to the lion-tamer act. It’s flashy and dangerous, with room for the occasional flare of the unexpected. Diving head-first through syncopated pop (”Ginny On Fire” and “We Love Me”) before landing into the net of “Fine Line,” Lutes’ voice is continuously smooth like an amalgamation of Lindsey Buckingham and Lyle Lovett…”

- Nichole Wagner,

“You always hear talk of how artists are a mixture of different styles, but with Lutes, that’s actually true. The first disc features the familiar twang of Texas country, but mixes in dissonant electric guitar, traditional hymn-like vocal melodies and some powerful pop hooks. These two CDs are a perfect recipe for a lazy summer day, a lazy rainy day or pretty much any time you’ve got an hour and a half to lounge around the house and listen to some great music. These gems, the music that actually makes it worth your time to listen to all these free discs, are what keeps me going. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.”

- Robert Rich, Austin Dischord

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  2. By Casey Pons on Jun 16, 2010

    A Few Words About, “Big Top”

    There are CD’s when you hear them for the first time that request your attention…the separate cuts run their individual courses, and finally subside and life goes on.
    And then there is, “Big Top,” which begins with, “Lucia’s Song” and won’t let you go once she has you in her grasp!
    This opening act is absolutely mesmerizing from the very first glide of that hauntingly beautiful bow across the strings of that beautiful fiddle, with David’s soulful vocal introduction inviting you into his soul with the emotional expression of love for this, “Golden Lady” of his life, as he wills you to come along and share the journey “In Posey-In Posey.” This is (I believe) the closest to divine musical intervention I have been witness to in a very long time (quite possibly ever). The more one allows this planet aligning production to manifest itself into your soul, the firmer the hold the entire effort will have on you and your moral constitution. It took me two days just to get beyond Lucia as she is an image so vividly painted you don’t want to say so-long, just quite yet,
    if in fact ever. But once you loosen that rein a hair and let her loose… what rewards are in store for you under the, “Big Top.”
    Once able to migrate to the,” Be Reasonable” guidance your Mother always carefully advised you as a younger man…and that lady fortune always has a winking eye and a easy mind awaiting you down the road a piece.
    Next act for the searching of your soul is the humble but lovingly refrain of, “You Belong In Pearls Tonight,” sincerely informing your, one and only love of life, what she is worthy of… if only you could afford to adorn her with, but alas… this tune is all you have to humbly offer up.
    Followed stealthily by the last words of guidance to your only son to,” Rise Up Elijah” and take the underground journey North for another chance at the life you deserve, and one day… you, your mother and I will all be together once again on the other-side of high cotton.
    And just in case you didn’t think love could be found during the hard times, Johnny & Jackie will set you straight with their observations of life in low places, with her casual glances while you wait for the spin cycle to complete on those pants before the next go round of life leans on your weary mind & bones, once again.
    With the gentle reminder of love and the subtle tale of,” This Echo Life,” which confronts the pain of letting go, and returning to where you started, for another unchartered journey of love, in another place in time.
    The mending muses of “Coming Apart” slice so close to the heart & soul by exposing the naked truth between two people who have shared all the trials of daily life unknown to the less-forgiving masses of the outside world where anything’s possible, but highly improbable, and now it’s time to reflect over a simple cup of tea, as she sings all those songs of innocence her grandma used soothe her as a child, all the while slowly reconstructing your being by her mending songs of love. I’m particularly fond of the continuous knocks of reconstructing throughout the song, as if to slowly make one, “whole again.”
    In summary… these are the only acts The Ring Master has allowed into my town as of yet, but there is a whole other Big Top adventure coming to a center ring in my mind soon… and yours too, if you allow the, “Circus of Life” to walk the “Tightrope of Introspection,” David & Friends have so eloquently painted for your viewing pleasure.

    Casey Pons

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