THE LATEST on BIG TOP - Now Up to #22!

June 10th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Just after releasing the news that Big Top had entered the national Roots/Country Chart at #32, some superior fact-checkers (2 are lawyers, no less) notified me that Big Top had just hit #27…Well, in just another week, it’s jumped to #22! It’s definitely picking up steam; so, please keep calling your favorite americana/roots radio station (non-commercial), and request a song off of Big Top! It occurred to me that, obviously, ANYONE (not just Austinites) can call these Austin-area stations - KGSR at (512) 390-5477 and KNBT (New Braunfels) at (830) 625-7311 to make a request! Thank you!

Also, thanks to all of you for the great turnout this week at Momo’s and to Robert Rich and The Daily Texan for coming out to do a feature (Click HERE to read it!). We had about as much fun as you should legally have on a week night.

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