Thanks for Your Support at the Cactus Cafe

August 12th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Thanks to the great turnout at The Cactus Cafe for our Capital Area Food Bank benefit show, we collected what appears to be a metric ton of tastiness - or, to be exact, 117 meals for needy folks, according to our friends at the Food Bank! Cheers to all of you who came out and donated so generously. It was a red letter evening at my favorite venue, and the band - including BettySoo on harmony vocals - was in top form. We also had a blast out on Lake Travis at The Iguana Grill on Friday night. A beautiful sunset, nice breeze, cool mojitos, and an enthusiastic audience made for a memorable evening. Tomorrow, I’m off to the Pacific Northwest for a festival weekend on one of my favorite islands in the San Juans, Lummi Island. I’ll be playing to a festival crowd in paradise and enjoying the company of my great friends at the Willows Inn. As hard as this profession can be sometimes, tours like this remind me what a joy it is to play music for a living.

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