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2010 Texas Music Award Winner - The Founder’s Award for Artistic Excellence

2010 Top-10 Folk and Roots Rock Artist at The Austin Music Awards

Nominated for “Male Vocalist of the Year??? and “Song of the Year??? at the 2009 Texas Music Awards, “Song of the Year” at the 2010 TMA, and “Singer-Songwriter of the Year” at the 2007 TMA

2-Time MountainStage New Song Southwest Finalist

“[David Lutes] ignores genres while fusing jazz, pop, rock, Americana and anything else that fits, and everything seems to fit.”
-San Antonio Express News

“…Like the ringmaster at the circus, Lutes separates the different performances on the two-disc Big Top allowing each to take a moment in the spotlight…Moving from haunting (the opener “Lucia’s Song”) to roots rock (”Love in the Hard Times”), Lutes meticulously weaves melodies together…[while] the second volume can be equated to the lion-tamer act. It’s flashy and dangerous, with room for the occasional flare of the unexpected. Diving head-first through syncopated pop (”Ginny On Fire” and “We Love Me”) before landing into the net of “Fine Line,” Lutes’ voice is continuously smooth like an amalgamation of Lindsey Buckingham and Lyle Lovett…”
- Nichole Wagner,

“You always hear talk of how artists are a mixture of different styles, but with Lutes, that’s actually true. The first disc features the familiar twang of Texas country, but mixes in dissonant electric guitar, traditional hymn-like vocal melodies and some powerful pop hooks. These two CDs are a perfect recipe for a lazy summer day, a lazy rainy day or pretty much any time you’ve got an hour and a half to lounge around the house and listen to some great music. These gems, the music that actually makes it worth your time to listen to all these free discs, are what keeps me going. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.”
- Robert Rich, Austin Dischord

“David Lutes is a musician’s musician…Recently nominated for “Male Vocalist of the Year” and “Song of the Year” at the 2009 Texas Music Awards, Lutes is on top of his game fusing jazz, pop, rock, Americana and everything in between…”
- ***** Austin

“David Lutes is back - this time without the “Plumtucker” moniker - and he’s stronger than ever with Big Top. From the haunting “Lucia’s Song” through the beautiful “The Night Watchman” the listener is treated to one aural feast after another on this two-disk set. My favorite tune is “Coming Apart,” which sounds deeply personal as the artist struggles with the conflicts of life, love, and the music he lives for. The lyrics on Big Top are gorgeously poetic, the melodies are richly original, and David’s voice is, as usual, simply stunning. The production on this record is deeply layered, and if you listen closely, you will find yourself quite often wondering “how’d they make that sound?” Listen and wonder as Big Top spins you to new levels of musical pleasure.”
- ***** Steve Circeo, Americana Music Times

“Lutes has a commanding mastery of his voice…[His] is indeed an elevated talent. Sitting a notch above the droves of singer/songwriters who want but never act, Lutes has redefined the brass ring.”
-Lucky Boyd, Academy of Texas Music (Texas Music Awards)

“The pristine beauty of David’s voice sends me away, and the tears spring not from the melancholy of losing what was, but from the joy of celebrating what is…Americana fans, step up to the plate on this one. Solo Stages presents Americana with slight jazz overtones, ethereal but earthbound lyrics enhanced by elegant melodies.”
- Americana Music Times, March 2008